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At Windsor Pest Control, we are able to safely and humanely remove a variety of wildlife creatures. For your own information, we've compiled some facts about the most common types of wildlife that take up residence in the homes and buildings of Windsor and Essex County's residents. Read on to understand your surprise guests a little more or give us a call to get them off your property immediately!


Bats are nocturnal flying mammals that head out from their roosts at dusk to find sustenance, returning home before daylight. They are generally more active during warm months and use the winter season to hibernate or migrate.

If a bat nest is found within a structure, it can be a potential risk to the health of those living within. Their droppings contain fungi that can cause lung disease or  histoplasmosis. Piles of droppings should be disposed of by a professional. 

Bats can also carry rabies, without showing any symptoms. Since rabies can be transmitted through saliva or even contact with body tissue, it is important to see a doctor if you've had physical contact with a bat.


The babies of an opossum can be as tiny as a bee. Once born, they'll crawl into their mother's pouch, until they get large enough to ride on their mother's back as she forages for food.

They're great at climbing trees, aided by their sharp claws and long gripping tails. Opossums nest in tree holes, sheds, under decks and in the dens of other animals.


Squirrels can eat almost a pound of food per week. They are omnivores, eating plants and meat, as well as nuts. They can also eat eggs, bread, small insects and caterpillars. To ensure they have food for the winter, they bury supplies underground.


Raccoons are nocturnal animals, moving around at night. Females give birth to 1 to 6 baby kits throughout April and May. Raccoons communicate with each other through sounds. They are very dexterous, able to open doors, garbage lids, cupboards and cans. They can possibly carry disease such as rabies, roundworm and salmonella. They can also be distempered.

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